Where Do Ground Squirrels Live in Carbondale, CO? Tips for Getting Rid of Wildlife Pests

Pests come in all shapes and sizes. Most are unmistakably grotesque and something no one wants to deal with, where a few selected few can be almost cute, to some. Whether they are a health risk or cause destruction on the structure or property, pests are unwelcomed guests no matter what they are. When it comes to squirrels, the good people of Colorado are fairly familiar with their pilfering ways. We at Ram Pet Control would like to share some of the basics concerning ground squirrels.

Ground Squirrel Facts

Ground squirrels are small burrowers found not only Colorado, but across the United States, though their numbers are increasingly so among farm land. Where they may be different in various parts of the country, ground squirrels share quite a few habits and characteristics. Due to their burrowing habits, ground squirrels disturb crop fields and home gardens. To control the length of their teeth, ground squirrels need to constantly chew, which commonly results in the structural or cosmetic damage of a building or other property.

Identification of Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels are often mistaken for chipmunks. They average 12 inches in length and typically weigh just over 5 ounces. They range in shades of brown and gray and will either have spots or stripes on their back along short bushy tails and small ears.

Where Do Ground Squirrels Live?

Ground squirrels tend to favor the grassy areas like meadows and prairies, but they really love areas where the ground is easy to dig such as land close to riverbanks as well as ponds. To live comfortably, they draw to the tall grasses and open spaces, where they often congregate in suburban and rural areas; avoiding the urban centers. When ground squirrels do find suburban locations to live, they often choose places such as public parks, grazing pastures, golf courses, and lawns. However, these rodents will generally avoid the woodland areas whenever possible.

Ground Squirrel Damage

As previously mentioned, ground squirrels are frequently found by property owners infesting farmlands, gardens, and yards. They are notorious among farmers due to their reputation for prominent diets including bulbs of plants and seeds. Ground squirrels can easily squeeze through tiny cavities of chimneys, vents, torn door or window screens, broken or open windows, and other such openings to gain entry to buildings, but they are rarely interested in coming indoors. If they do, it is likely because food or water is scarce or extreme weather conditions but they can cause extensive property damage when they burrow under patios and foundations for example. Ground squirrels also harbor bacteria and diseases that are dangerous to humans.

Are Ground Squirrels Beneficial or a Pest?

In some scenarios, ground squirrels can be thought of as beneficial because their diet also includes eating harmful insects, but they still are classified as a pest because they will destroy both cash crops and ornamental plants. Tree roots can dehydrate, mowing can be problematic, and the structure’s foundation can be left weakened by the ground squirrel’s burrowing habits and the abundant holes left behind. Additionally, parasitic ticks, lice, mites, and fleas often choose ground squirrels as their host.

Squirrel Wildlife Control

To help minimize ground squirrel infestation, remove any brush piles, keep the grass well manicured and control the debris in the yard to limit their hiding places. If you are having a problem ground squirrels, call in the experts of Ram Pest Control and let our experts help you get rid of ground squirrel infestations and save your property from their infestation.