DIY VS Professional Wasp Nest Removal in El Jebel, CO; Risk of Painful Stings & More

Wasps are notorious for ending pool parties and outdoor BBQs real quick. Their dominating presence can make even the burliest of men respect their boundaries. Wasps are often looking to pilfer sugary substances and meats left behind and are quick to defend their nests. Most wasp species live socially, meaning they live together in colony within a nest; fulfilling their duties to make the unit flourish. Seeing a wasp often indicated their nest is relatively close by. In order to clear the wasps out means the nest needs to be removed. However, confronting thousands of aggressive wasps capable of delivering multiple stings to defend their nest until the threat is neutralized is something that should make you reconsider if you contemplate dealing with the nest on your own accord. With that in mind, we at Ram Pest Control would like to relate as to why removing the wasp nest is better left to the professionals.

Wasp Nests Can Be Found in an Exterior Wall, Roof & More

Wasps are not like bees in the regard that they will sting once and fly off. Wasps will continue to sting the perceived threats over and over again. The wasp nest removal is not as simple as one may suppose because as wasps can nest in a remarkable range of locations. Therefore, removal of wasp nests often poses a serious logistical challenge. A wasp nest in reach that is fully exposed can be easier done by an untrained homeowner wearing protective clothing and using the right aerosol products; in theory. But there is still a likely risk of getting stung. Other major problems are hard to reach nests and/or nests that are partially concealed. In any situation, calling for professional assistance is well worth the investment to prevent the painful stings that are most likely to occur during poor execution from someone not properly trained.

Wasp Sting Swelling & Other Symptoms

Mistakes can, and will likely be made, even when the untrained person is well protected in the right clothes and armed with wasp killer products from the local department store. Even if the treatment is completed without a painful attack, the odds of the effective elimination of the colony are actually rather slim. The surviving wasps will simply rebuild the colony. If the homeowner was assaulted, a number of painful stings are delivered. The stings swell at the origin site, and quite a few can have varying degrees of allergies that are triggered from these stings. In a few extreme cases, the allergies can prove fatal if not quickly treated by medical professionals.

Wasp Nest Removal

Without proper training, taking care of a wasp nest is simply not worth the risk of your own health. Professionals apply our skills, knowledge, and effective and proven products to ensure the wasp nest is completely taken care of. If you want to make certain the wasps are clear from your property, trust professionals to conduct wasp nest removals. Ram Pest Control is the leading expert in wasp nest removal. Our technicians are properly trained, experienced, and can get rid of the wasps terrorizing your property quickly. Call us today to get started!