Types of Ants Found in Vail, CO; Carpenter, Pavement, Field, Sugar & Odorous House Ant Pests

Ants are no stranger to people living in the U.S. They are spotted indoors and outdoors. When ants infiltrate your home or business, it seems like they are impossible to get rid of. Killing off the group pilfering your crumbs is only good for an hour or so before a new wave of perpetrators come marching through. Though ants can be slightly fascinating a reasonable distance away, they are a nuisance. Today we at Ram Pest Control would like to shine the light on the common ants found in your Colorado home. The most common ants in Colorado are: Pavement ants, Carpenter ants, Sugar ants, Pharaoh ants, and Field ants.

Ant Facts; Social Castes

Ants in general are very social, living in large colonies and working in unison to make it flow and thrive. The colonies have three castes within their population which consists of workers, soldiers, and reproducers. Worker ants forage for food which they carry back to the colony. They feed the younglings and soldiers as well as the queen and king. Workers also build the galleries or tunnels in their colony and make repairs when needed. Soldiers protect the colony from any potential threat and will emerge quickly if the entry point is disturbed. The queen reproduces and runs the colony.

Carpenter Ants Damage

The carpenter ant is a serious threat to property and is nearly as destructive as termites. Carpenter ants will burrow into the wooden materials, compromising the strength of the support structure of your building once they have infiltrated your home or business. Carpenter ants are one of the largest species of ants, reaching as much as ½ inch long. They are black but can occasionally have a reddish tint to their color. The workers have large, powerful mandibles to chew inside the wood. Even though they do not consume any wood like termites, they develop an incredible infrastructure of tunnels for the ant colony.

Pavement Ant Facts

Pavement ants are probably the most commonly seen ants in Colorado. They nest in the soil and at full growth; they barely measure in at 1/8”. They are colored dark brown or black. Pavement ant colonies have distinct mounds of fine soil in cracks of concrete sidewalks or driveways and in between pavement bricks or landscaping stones. These ants will go into your home or business in search of food like most other ants.

Tiny Brown Sugar Ants

Pharaoh ants, field ants, and odorous ants are often referred to as sugar ants. Sugar ants will range in size to 1/16” up to almost ½”. They have black heads with brownish or orange colored bodies. Sugar ants will feed on just about anything, but do have a weakness for sugary foods, as their name suggest.

Ant Control

Ants typically come into buildings looking for a convenient food and water source. If they have set up a colony within your walls, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them. If you spot ants in your home or business Aspen, Vail or Rifle, Colorado, contact the professionals of RAM Pest Control and let our experts get the ants out!