Rodent Proofing & Removal; How to Prevent & Get Rid of Norway Rat Infestations in Parachute, CO

Norway rats, also known as the common rat, brown rat, sewer rat, wharf rat and Hanover rat can be found in large numbers in cities and towns across the United States. In fact our homes and business provide everything that a rodent needs to live comfortably throughout the year by being an abundant source of shelter, food and water. Rodents such as rats and mice have become accustomed to human food which can be found in vegetable gardens, and areas where garbage cans, dumpsters and many other items are discarded by humans. Rats and mice are known to carry diseases including Salmonellosis, Rat-bite Fever, Leptospirosis and Hantavirus. According to the knowledgeable experts at Ram Pest Control, the best way to keep rats and mice out is to rodent proof your home or business.

Rodent Proofing; How to Stop Norway Rats from Entering Your Home

1. Landscape Maintenance. One of the first things you will need to do is effectively manage your exterior landscaping by removing any shrubs that are low to the ground. You should also remove any tree branches that are within five feet of the structure and keep tall grass mowed down to a more manageable length to eliminate places for rodents to hide.
2. Declutter. Remove any boxes, and other clutter from inside and outside your property. Never store wood against the side of the building. Remove any old furniture items, appliances or gardening tools away from the structure.
3. Seal Food & More. Manage food sources by storing dog food and birdseed in a heavy duty container with a tight fitting lid. Pick up and store pet food dishes and tightly secure the lids of any recycling bins. Pick up and dispose of animal waste such as dog feces daily to deter rodents from eating any undigested pet food found in the waste product.
4. Trash Can Sanitation. Keep trash cans clean and secure them by using a tight fitting lid. Never leave out trash that you have stored in plastic bags as rats and other rodents will chew through the plastic to gain access to rotting food items. If you own a business be sure to utilize a commercial dumpster that is large enough to comfortably store trash and other items and keep it stored between 25 to 50 yards away from any structures.
5. Home Sealing. Make sure that your home, garage, storage buildings and other structures are properly secured by sealing any holes or openings. Inspect your property and identify any areas that can be breached. Keep in mind that mice can enter an opening as small as a dime in diameter and rats can enter through an opening as small as a quarter in diameter. Entry points include chimneys, electrical, water and gas lines, and any openings in building foundations, dryer vents, and door thresholds. Plug any holes with copper mesh or steel wool. Check to ensure that your window and door screens fit securely.

Rodent Removal

To learn more about rodent exclusion, control and removal for your Colorado home or business, contact the knowledgeable experts at Ram Pest Control today.