How to Get Rid of White Footed, Meadow & Other Mice in Your New Castle, CO House

As the weather has really plummeted lately, you may have already noticed that mice are starting to make their way inside. These rodents are destructive and dangerous, as they carry a long list of diseases that can affect humans. There are over 23 species of mice that live in Colorado; can you believe that? However, Ram Pest Control is here to talk about a few of the most common species that you will run into. Even if you can’t see them, chances are, they are closer than you think.

White Footed Mice

There is more than one white footed mouse species that resides in Colorado. You may see the white footed mouse, deer mouse, rock mouse, pinyon mouse, brush mouse and the canyon mouse in various places throughout the state. They range in size between 6 and 8 inches and that includes their tails as well. These mice live in brush lands, woodlands and canyons. The only place you can count on not seeing this type of mouse is incredibly wet areas.

Meadow Mice AKA Vole

Meadow mice are easily distinguishable from other mouse species found in Colorado because they have small ears and a blunt nose. These mice are commonly referred to as voles. Eight Different vole species are found in the state, and most of them look the same with a brown body. You will find these mice living in places that have several areas to hide out in. They are found in brush land and woodlands.

Pocket Mice

Pocket mice are relatives of kangaroo rats, and can get around with the use of their back legs rather than crawling on all fours. You will find them hopping around as they look for food. There are five species of pocket mice in Colorado that include: silky pocket mouse, hispid pocket mouse, Great Britain pocket mouse, plains pocket mouse and the olive-backed pocket mouse. They all range in size from 4 to 8 inches long.

Jumping Mice

You can count on finding two species of jumping mice in Colorado; the western jumping mouse and meadow jumping mouse. There is also a subspecies of the meadow jumping mouse called Preble’s meadow jumping mouse that is an endangered species and protected that lives in the great plains, near the Rocky Mountains. The western jumping mouse can be found in the forests and thickets that fill the mountainous terrain.

Harvest Mice

There are also two species of the harvest mouse that reside in Colorado: the western harvest mouse and the plains harvest mouse. These small mice are brown and between 5 and 6 inches long. Plains harvest mice live the open grasslands of the great plains while the western harvest mice live in several different habitats including grasslands and woodlands.

Mice Rodent Control & Removal

With all these mice species roaming the state, you are bound to have a run in with them every now and then. If you don’t take care of a mouse problem, no matter the species, they will take over your property in no time. The experts at Ram Pest Control have the experience needed to keep the mouse population under control on your property. Call us today!