How to Get Rid of Venomous Spiders in Glenwood Springs, CO; Wolf, Black Widows & More

Spiders are everywhere, with so many running across the world; it’s no wonder that Colorado has its fair share. Ram Pest Control would like to briefly account for the common spiders found in your own yard. The spiders of Colorado include Funnel Weave Spiders, Jumping Spiders, Ground Spiders, Cobweb Spiders, Cellar Spiders, Yellow Sac Spiders, Wolf Spiders, Orb Weaving Spiders, Banded Garden Spiders, Banded Garden Spiders, Tarantulas, Black Widow Spiders, Brown Recluse Spiders, Wolf Spiders, and additional arachnid family members.

Venomous Spiders Found in Colorado

Wolf Spiders: Active hunters that do not produce a prey capture web, wolf spiders will construct a silk lined retreat in soil under rocks or in other protected areas. With many species belonging in the wolf spider family, they are colored in a variety of grays and browns. These spiders usually stick to the outdoors but will wander in if their home was disturbed. Though shy and generally leaving people alone, they can bite.
Black Widow Spiders: They usually build webs near the ground in dark undisturbed areas. Abandoned rodent burrows are some of their favorite web sites along with window wells, entrances to crawl spaces, old rodent burrows, and corners of garages. Patterns form of a distinct hourglass pattern and are colored orange or primarily red and are found on their abdomen. In some situations the marking can be bright and obvious or in some cases it is faint. But generally, black widows are primarily black and only the females bare the mark. Black widow spiders are non-aggressive and rarely bite, but when they do the bite itself is fairly painful and the nerve venom can be harmful. Generally, these spiders will bite if they are alarmed by sudden intrusions. If bitten it is important to seek medical attention.
Brown Recluse Spiders: Though these spiders are rarely seen in Colorado because of the freezing winters and dry climate, brown recluse spiders are still worth mentioning. They are occasionally getting brought into the state but rarely, if ever, get established from along the southern Mississippi Valley. Generally, they seclude themselves in dark corners of buildings and weave mess and loose webs. With long dark brown legs and pale brown or buckskin coloring brown recluse spiders are marked with an identifying violin shape that is present behind the head. The brown recluse possesses only three pairs of eyes, unlike most spiders and will often be confused with different kinds of funnel spiders, wolf spiders and occasionally sun spiders. Much like the black widow, they don’t bite unless provoked. Brown recluse spiders’ venom is not only painful but it damages the human cells and is a slow-healing and ulcerous wound may form at the bite site. More often than not, the initial bite isn’t felt, but the after effects will form in a few hours starting as blisters and developing pain.

Spider Control

While many spiders are harmless, some species look very similar to venomous spiders that are a risk to your loved ones. No matter what kind of spiders pop up in your home, business or grounds, if you are unsure of how dangerous they are, it’s best to contact a professional pest control company such as Ram Pest Control. We can handle all your pest control needs.