How to Get Rid of German, Oriental & American Cockroaches in Rifle, CO; Diseases & Health Problems Roaches Cause

Cockroaches are insects that have been around for over three million years. If they could talk, not that we would want to have a conversation with these creepy crawlers, they might be able to tell us stories about the dinosaurs as they were living even then. It is kind of amazing when you think about the fact that they live mostly in sewers, trash cans and dumpsters. Cockroaches have built up an immunity to some of the most disgusting things imaginable. Some of them have even built up an immunity to common bug sprays. Yes, they’re foul and sometimes we’ve learned first hand that they can bite. Now imagine those tiny (or sometimes not so tiny) creatures in your home around your children, eating and contaminating your food.

Where Do Cockroaches Live in the House?

bigstock-cockroaches-46453480-smallAlthough maybe we could learn something from them as far as length of life do you really want them living with you? Cockroaches like to live in and around your home. For example, your trash cans are a great place for them to hide because it’s usually dark and a full buffet for cockroaches. So making sure those have tight fitting lids to keep them out is a must. Roaches can also live in bathrooms or other damp dark places you may have in your home.

Cockroaches Found in Colorado

Though there are over 4,000 different species of cockroaches living around the world. There are three specific species that are particularly annoying to the residence of Colorado.
German cockroaches – These roaches can be identified by their tan or brown color. They have a full set of wings but cannot fly (Thank goodness!) They have dark lines running from their head to their wings. If cockroaches are invading your kitchen, they are most likely German cockroaches.
Oriental cockroaches – These cockroaches also have wings but again cannot fly. They are a dark, reddish-brown color. The females are larger than the males. They are most often found outside or in damp crawl spaces. These cockroaches are the species most likely found in your trash.
American cockroaches – American cockroaches are a mahogany color with a yellow band behind their head. These pests do have wings and ARE able to fly. They like living in the moist warm spaces in basements or bathrooms.

Diseases & Other Health Problems Caused by Cockroaches

Cockroaches are dangerous because they can carry diseases they pick up from their favorite hangouts like dumpsters and public restrooms. These diseases include Salmonella and E. Coli that can contaminate your food and food preparation areas. Cockroaches can also be a problem for those with asthma because they stir up allergens that cause asthma attacks. If you happen to catch one of these pests in your home, there are likely many more. Call RAM Pest Control immediately to stop a full on infestation. In the meantime, fix leaky pipes to prevent collecting water that creates the moist environments they love. Again check your trash to make sure the lids are tight and do not surround your cans with boxes or other trash for them to hide in. Check all food packaging, boxes and bags for infestations before bringing them into your home.

Cockroach Control

If you’ve tried everything to keep cockroaches out of your home to no avail, give RAM Pest Control a call right away!