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Ground Squirrel Control in Colorado by the Burrow Blocker

Ground squirrels are a major concern for property owners in Aspen, Vail, Glenwood Springs and Rifle CO. RAM Pest Control uses the patented Burrow Blocker system to eliminate and completely control ground squirrel infestations. Ground squirrels can cause damage to tress, lawns and can destroy ornamental bushes and shrubs. Ground squirrel tunnel networks weaken root systems and can threaten gardens and agricultural farms and businesses. Most of all, ground squirrel holes are difficult to see and therefore can be a tripping hazard liability for property owners. Livestock, horses and people can step into a ground squirrel hole and sprain their ankle or even break their leg. RAM Pest Control’s effective ground squirrel control techniques can minimize these risks and keep pets, patrons, horses, livestock, family and friends safe.

Ground Squirrel Control Equipment

Ground squirrels are known for tunneling expansive and quite intricate networks underground. Unlike moles, ground squirrels belong to the squirrel family of rodents and are often times seen standing up on their hind legs. Ground squirrels can stand fully erect for an extended amount of time. Ground squirrels are also often confused with pocket gophers. However, unlike pocket gophers, ground squirrels tend to spend considerable time above ground. Pocket gophers are much shier creatures when it comes to spending time in the daylight.

Members of the ground squirrel family include the American groundhog, chipmunks, susliks, and the prairie dogs. Ground squirrels are known vectors of disease and cause extensive damage through their aggressive tunneling.

Trouble with Traditional Ground Squirrel Control Methods

Traditional ground squirrel control methods include baiting, trapping, exclusion and fumigation. Baiting stations and traps have to be constantly checked, monitored, re-set, replaced and relocated. Both baits and traps can be problematic due to non-target animals eating the bait or becoming unwittingly trapped. Exclusion methods in some circumstances are too costly. Fumigation only kills present pests and has its own risks as well. This is why the Burrow Blocker is such an amazing technology. The Burrow Blocker forces a high volume of sand and water into the ground squirrels’ tunnel network. This effectively kills present ground squirrels and seals their tunnels completely. Any remaining live ground squirrels must expend a considerable amount of energy to re-infest the tunnel. RAM Pest Control offers regular maintenance to block newly forming tunnels on the property quite effectively.

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Ground Squirrel Control with the Burrow Blocker

The Burrow Blocker surpasses traditional methods of control delivering a faster initial effect. This method delivers control and exclusion at the same time. The burrow blocker kills ground squirrels by sealing them in sand and water and it also seals the network of tunnels so other ground squirrels are deterred from reentering. Call RAM Pest Control if you are experiencing ground squirrel damage in Colorado.

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Prairie Dog Control and Removal in Colorado

Ram Pest Control also specializes in the safe removal and control of Prairie Dogs in Colorado. The Burrow Blocker Technology is also very effective in mitigating the damage caused by Prairie dogs on Colorado properties. Prairie dogs leave destructive tunnel systems that can be hazardous for livestock. They also sometimes carry fleas which are know vectors of the Plague disease. If you are experiencing a prairie dog infestation on your property, call Ram Pest Control today for a free consultation.